How to View and Grade Submissions

Teachers can view and grade student submissions from the Grade tab, the Grade area of the Article or Assessment, or the Customized Content tab. Only some questions need to be graded by teachers.

Live Grading

For Article comprehension questions and Explore More media questions, students will need to answer each question until they have the correct answer. This is only considered complete once all questions are answered correctly. Once submitted, Crosswords will be automatically graded.

Article and Explore More Questions

When a student selects an answer, they will receive feedback automatically. When a student gets the question correct, it is marked as submitted. For this reason, these questions don’t have a Submit button. 

The coins a student can earn changes based on their number of attempts (see the How to Earn Coins article). All comprehension questions for an article must be submitted for the article to be considered complete. Explore More media questions are optional, students can earn additional coins when they answer those questions.




Once students have completed a Crossword to the best of their ability, they can click Submit to receive a grade automatically. They will see a pop-up window with feedback and the number of coins they earned based on their score (see the How to Earn Coins article). Then they will see which words they missed highlighted in red, if applicable.



View and Grade Submissions

Whether or not a question is auto-submitted, teachers can view and grade submissions in three different places.

From the Grade Page From the Publication From the Customized Content Page

The Grade page shows all the weekly assessments, activities, or Customized Content items that need to be graded for that Classroom. From your Studies Weekly Online account:

  1. Click Classes.
  2. Select the desired Classroom.
  3. Click the Grade tab on the left side to open that page.


When you click on the green Grade button next to a student’s name, a box with the submission will pop up. Once you enter the grades, scroll to the bottom to select Mark as Graded. The Grade Next button will move you to the next item that needs to be graded.



Teacher-Graded Questions

Some question types, like open response questions, need to be graded by the teacher. Once a student submits their answer, teacher-graded questions will be marked as incorrect while waiting for grading. The student receives feedback stating, "Some questions still need to be graded."

Whichever way you choose to view and grade submissions, the options on the page will look the same.

  1. Scroll to find a question that needs to be graded.
  2. Click on Incorrect, Partially Correct, or Correct.
  3. When finished grading, click Mark As Graded at the bottom.


All weekly assessment and Customized Content questions have a point value of 1. You can change the point value on a question when you are grading or by editing and saving it.


You can leave a comment for the student on individual assignment questions. Students can view and reply to your comments.

  1. At the bottom of the question block, click on Comments.
  2. Click where it says Add Comment.
  3. Enter your comment.
  4. Click the Send icon located to the right of the comment text box.

Once sent, you can also hover over the comment to edit or delete the comment.


To learn how to let students retake submissions, see the How to Allow a Student to Retake a Submission article.


Activities that need to be completed on a separate piece of paper or in a group discussion instead of online are not auto-submitted. Students still need to click Submit. The teacher can then review the student’s work in person and record the grade online using the directions above.