How to Grade Assignments and Leave Comments

Most questions for assignments and assessments will be auto-graded when they are submitted. Any question that isn’t automatically graded will be marked as incorrect with a note stating, “Some questions still need to be graded.” The student will see this when they review their assignment after they’ve submitted it.  


  1. Click on the assignment or assessment you want to grade.
  2. Select a student’s name to view their assignment.
  3. Scroll to find a question that needs to be graded. 
  4. Click on Incorrect, Partially Correct, or Correct.
  5. When finished grading click Mark As Graded at the bottom.

All questions have a point value of 1. You can change the point value on a question by editing the assignment/assessment and saving. 

Assignment Comments

Leave a comment for the student on individual questions in an assignment. Students can view and reply to your comments.

  1. At the bottom of the question block, click on Comments (0). 
  2. Click where it says Add Comment.
  3. Enter your comment.
  4. Click the Send icon, located to the right of the comment text box.