Navigating the Teacher Edition

Each publication has a Teacher Edition where you can access lesson plans, graphic organizers, standards, and other resources. The Teacher Edition is broken down into unit level, week level, and article level.


Publication Level

Access the Scope and Sequence Report and Standards Correlation Report

      • Clicking on either link (blue text) will open that report in a popup window.



Unit Level

Summary of the unitScreen_Shot_2022-04-01_at_08.44.13.png

Week Level
  • Access to PDF versions of Teacher Edition and Student Edition, which will open in a window and can be printed.
  • Quick links to Lesson Plan itemsScreen_Shot_2022-04-01_at_08.46.18.png


Article Level
Access article lesson plan and materials needed for the lesson
Answer Keys
Answers in the Teacher Edition are mentioned after each assessment question or listed under an answer key in the PDF version.

Example 1


Example 2