How to Create Customized Content

Teachers can create Customized Content from scratch within the Customized Content page or the Table of Contents. Teachers can also create Customized Content by editing their own copy of existing Studies Weekly Online content.


If you schedule your Customized Content to be visible for the students at a future date, use the toggle feature to make it visible to your students before the start date. Otherwise it will automatically become visible on the date you chose.

From Customized Content Page From Table of Contents From Existing Studies Weekly Online Content From the Search Page Edit Current Customized Content

From your Studies Weekly Online account and within the desired Classroom Card

  1. Click the Customized Content button.       

  2. In the Customized Content page click the green Add button Screen_Shot_2022-03-22_at_09.42.37.png in the upper right corner and choose Create New Customized Content.
  3. Enter a Title and Instructions.
  4. Select a Start Date and Due Date (the default due date is one week from the start date).
  5. Select a Start Time and Due Time (the default start time is 12:00 AM and the default due time is 11:59 PM).
  6. Click +Add in the bottom left corner.
  7. Select whether you want to add your own Question, Item, choose from our Question Bank, or Add Previously Created:
    • Question                                                 
    • Item                                                       
    • Question Bank                                       
    • Add Previously Created                   
  8. Once you make your selection, fill in all the fields. (You will not click Create until you have finished adding all your questions or items.)
  9. To add additional questions or items, click the +Add button then repeat step 7.
  10. Click Create to finish creating your Customized Content.Screen_Shot_2022-03-22_at_09.43.37.png
  11. Next, you will choose the location for your Customized Content. After a teacher clicks the green Create button, a pop-up box appears allowing them to select where they want the customized content to go. In the pop-up box, a classroom must be selected first. Then you can either click the box to have the customized content appear ONLY in the To Do tab for students, or choose to have it appear in a specific week of a publication.

    If you choose to have it appear in a specific week, you will then be able to drag and drop it anywhere within that week. Once you drop it to your desired location click SAVE in the bottom right corner. 

    Students will see the Customized Content in the location you assigned it. 



Teachers are limited to two concurrent Customized Content creations within one minute. This is an intentional security feature. If there is an attempt to create more than two Customized Content assignments at a time, the user will get an error: