How to Access the Teacher Edition

Teachers can access helpful Teacher Edition resources from the Teacher Edition tab, the Table of Contents, or from an article.

From the Teacher Edition Tab From the Table of Contents From an Article

From your Studies Weekly Online account:

  1. On the Account Overview page, click on the most recent classroom. Or on the left side navigation bar, click the Classes tab and select a classroom.
  2. Click on the publication you want to access.
  3. On the Table of Contents page, click on the Teacher Edition tab.Screen_Shot_2022-10-13_at_16.37.43.png

From there, you can click to see different information and quick links on the unit, week, and article level. See How to Navigate the Teacher Edition for more detail. 



The Teacher Edition and Student Edition PDFs are not always available.

For more information on the Teacher Edition, see the How to Navigate the Teacher Edition article.