How to Access KWL Charts in Studies Weekly Online

KWL charts are graphic organizers that help students organize information as they go through a class activity. Teachers can use KWL charts for almost any in-class or out-of-class activity. The acronym KWL stands for:

  • Know - what do your students already know about the subject?
  • Want - what do your students want to learn?
  • Learned - what did they learn from the activity?

Students complete each section before, during, and after the activity.

Access KWL Charts Online

    1. Log in to Studies Weekly Online
    2. Click on the PD Training tab
    3. Click on the Instructional Strategies category
    4. Find the Mini KWL sheets
    5. Click the links on the bottom to download the Mini KWL sheet in English or Spanish
    6. A PDF version of the KWL charts will open in another tab. Print or download the mini KWL charts from this page