Performance Tasks Report

Studies Weekly Online now has a custom assignment feature where teachers can add and edit performance tasks to keep track of each student's progress. This information is under the Performance Tasks tab.

To access this feature:

    1. Log in to Studies Weekly Online.
    2. Select a publication.
    3. Click on the Classes tab in the blue navigation bar.


    4. Click on the Reports/Tasks tab.


    5. Select a publication in the drop-down menu to generate a report for your classroom.
    6. To add a new task, click the Create Performance Task button. A new column will be added where you can enter student scores manually.


    7. Performance Task scores can be added and updated via the text inputs in the table. The footer contains the average classroom score for each task.


    8. To customize the task name, click on the default task name, and a text box will appear. Replace the task name with the new name.