Tracking Freight Status (BOL)

Studies Weekly uses freight shipping for orders with 40 or more boxes going to a single location, and the tracking for freight orders is noticeably different from the UPS orders.


Freight shipping uses Bill of Lading (BOL) tracking information which is uploaded manually to Portal. The BOL is provided to us from the Freight Carrier when they arrive to pick up the shipment. Then a designated agent will scan that form and add it to Portal.



We cannot track freight shipments until this information has been added to Portal.



Once the BOL has been added, the order tracking page on Portal will include the freight information, as well as a copy of the BOL form




We use various freight companies during our busy season, but here are some of the common companies that we use:

GlobalTranz CentralFeightLines

GlobalTranz shipments can be searched here by using the Tracking/BOL# on the order.

The tracking will look like this: