How do students view their test scores?

Students can see their assessment score immediately after submitting it. Later, they can view their assessment percentage online:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the username and password your teacher gave you
  3. Click Login

Find Your Test

  1. On your Account Dashboard, select a class
  2. Click on a publication
  3. In Table of Contents, you will see which assessments you've taken and your percentage scoreScreen_Shot_2022-06-22_at_4.54.28_PM.png

See Task Scores

  1. Go to the To Do tabScreen_Shot_2022-08-01_at_2.46.45_PM.png
  2. Click Graded
  3. Click the Review button on the task you want to see.SWO_Graded_Tasks.png
  4. In the Review Task module, you can:
    1. See questions you answered correctly
    2. See questions you answered incorrectly and the correct answer
    3. See any open response questions your teacher needs to grade
    4. Comment on your response or score by typing in the text box and clicking the send iconRevie_Task_Module_SWO.png