Features of a District Administrator account

District Administrator accounts are used by district personnel to manage the roster of your uploaded users and view basic utilization data. Features include Reports, Roster, and Detailed Views. 

After signing in, a District Admin is brought to the Reports tab in their account.


Reports allow District Administrators to view any reporting data we currently provide for your district.

When you click the Reports tab, you will see your utilization report. The data here is broken down by school and allows you to view the current total enrollment, the number of students registered, how many students have logged in this school year, and how many have logged in in the last week.

Click on Export to Excel to save the data in a spreadsheet format.


When you click on an individual school, it will open a list of teachers registered under that school. You will see teacher and student logins and how many times they've logged in this week, last week, this year, and last year. You'll also see how many students each teacher has registered with Studies Weekly Online.


If you need more in-depth data, please request it from Studies Weekly's IT department.


You can also view and manage district rostering if it has been uploaded by the district. Access this information by clicking the Roster tab at the top of the page.


This will bring you to a page where you can view a very top-level summary of your currently uploaded roster.

On this page, you can filter by teacher, student, or class. You also can, depending on the roster method, also upload or view files, sync current files, or view SFTP credentials. The buttons available here do change depending on the roster method. District's using APIs will only have the Sync NOW and Configuration buttons.  



The Upload Files button will bring you to a page where you can drag and drop CSV files to upload them. To do this, drag the files from your desktop and drop them into the yellow box on the window. If there is an issue with the files, you will be prompted with the error and the file will fail to upload.



The View SFTP Files button takes you to a page where you can view your most recently uploaded files. Click on the hyperlinked file names to see the date that the files were uploaded.



The Sync Now button will sync the files uploaded before midnight the previous night. This is useful if the sync failed the night previously. However, it won't sync any files that you uploaded that same day.

The Configuration button brings you to a page where you can view the SFTP credentials for your district. It shows the host URL, your username and password. If you need a new password, click the Renew SFTP Password button.



If you go back to the roster home page, you can view the roster by teacher, student, or class. To do this, click the desired category's button, type in the user's name in the search box, then click the Search button to populate a list of search results.


Detailed Views

To view more information on the user, click the hyperlinked ID in the ID column. This will bring up a window with more information about that user's account. This will show basic account information and show any classrooms they are linked to. If there are no classes linked to the user, the classroom section will remain empty.



The classes window will show the assigned teacher and if there are any students assigned to the class as well.



Please note that these accounts do not have access to reading materials, and the reports are only useful if the district has rostered users.