Integrating Google Classroom with Studies Weekly Online

Studies Weekly Online is integrated with Google Classroom!

With just a few clicks, you can assign articles, images, or videos to the entire classroom. The Google Classroom integration works with our entire platform, making your job smoother.

David Bagley, Studies Weekly vice president of sales, explained that many teachers across the nation use Google Classroom, and asked for this integration for some time. 

“The best part of this integration is that it allows teachers the flexibility of reaching so many students instantly and to track progress, go paperless in the classroom, and communicate with both parents and students. And it works with any device,” Bagley said.

The Google Classroom icon is on the Studies Weekly Online platform, and it works individually with every digital source. Teachers can assign a single video, image, article, or assessment to students’ classrooms. For extension activities, teachers can customize assignments and pull in other media from the platform as well.

Getting Started

To connect your Studies Weekly account to your Google Classroom, your students’ Studies Weekly usernames must be their Google Classroom email.

For those that want to use the integration now, you will need to log in to your account and manually change your students’ usernames to their Google Classroom email.

1. Select your classroom in the Studies Weekly platform


2. Navigate to edit each student


3. Edit the student’s username


At the beginning of each school year, your auto-rostering program can link both platforms, but make sure to check this username requirement for all students.

How to Use the Integration

Google Classroom can be assigned in two ways. You can assign the entire week's contents to students or you can assign an individual article or video.

Weekly Level

1. Click on the Publications tab and choose your publication.
2. From the Weekly list, click on the gear icon of the week you would like to assign, then choose Google Classroom.


3. Choose the class you would like to share this week with and click Go

Article Level

1. From an article, navigate to the Google Classroom Icon in the corner.
2. Click on it, and select the Classroom you are sharing it to, and the action from the Classroom options. Click "Go."
3. Add your own notes, points, due date, etc. Click “Assign.”

4. The assignment shows up in your students’ Classroom stream.


Assigning Specific Sources

You can also assign specific audio, images, or videos from an article, or search for them and assign them individually. To do so, simply look for the Google Classroom icon on each source.







Of course, all Assessments, Crosswords, and Mispilled are integrated as well.

Sign on to your account at Studies Weekly online, and let this new integration save you time and sanity!