Adjusting Test Scores

To add extra or partial credit to a students test.

    1. Log in to your online account
    2. In the blue menu bar select the Publications tab
    3. Select your publication icon from the list available
    4. Find the week you are working on
    5. To the right of the week are four options
    6. Click the Gear to display the drop down menu
    7. Click Test Scores

      This will take you to the screen that has the student tests for the week you selected.

    8. Click on a student from the list on the left
    9. Click on the pencil next to their score on the test
    10. Manually adjust the score
    11. New score will show next to their name (see below)
    12. Click Save Changes

      If you have allowed students to do retakes, this is also where you can choose which score to keep.