How To - Student Login

Students do not set up their own accounts. Student accounts are created by the teacher, under the teacher account. Once teachers have added students to a class, and assigned publication to that class, students can log in and view the publication(s) for their grade.

To log in, students would go to Students would enter the Username and Password assigned by their teacher, then click Login.


Note to Students:

If your district uses some type of rostering (like Clever) or single sign-on (like Canvas), you would log in through that program and not directly through Studies Weekly.

Note to teachers:

To connect a student's Studies Weekly Online account to a teacher's Google Classroom, the students’ Studies Weekly usernames must be their Google Classroom email.


Printing Student login information:

If you need to print out the student login information to send home login to your teacher account and click on Classes. Choose your class from the menu. In the green toolbar for your class, click on the gear icon on the right. Choose print student info.


This will print out all student login information. It can be cut apart and given to students.