Finding More Teacher Resources Online

Studies Weekly Online includes videos, lesson plans, graphic organizers, and more to help you teach your students. To access these resources, log in to your online account:

Teacher Edition 

Each publication has a teacher edition. To access your teacher edition: 

From the Table of Contents

  1. On the Account overview page click on the most recent classroom or, on the left side navigation bar, click the Classes tab and select a classroom.
  2. Click on the publication you want to access.
  3. On the Table of Contents page, click on Teacher Edition.


From an Article

On the article page, you can access the teacher edition by clicking on the pdf icon on the far right above the blue bar. Screen_Shot_2022-03-21_at_12.48.46.png


Inside Your Teacher Edition 

Click on a unit to see the unit summary and the standards taught in that unit.TE_Unit.png

Select a week to see the Week Summary and other resources, such as:

  • background knowledge
  • vocabulary
  • week storyline
  • crosscutting concepts
  • ELA standards


Click the buttons on the right to download a PDF of the Teacher Edition and Student Edition for that week.


Click an article to see a suggested lesson plan.

  • Lesson Plans may include:
    • Words to know and word wall words or BAV
    • Reading language arts prompts
    • Teacher-guided questions
    • Let's write
    • Best practices
    • Differentiated instruction
    • Graphic organizersTE_Lesson_Plan_Article.png


Training and Resources


On the Account Dashboard, click Training and Resources to access interviews, project demos, virtual field trips, K-2 videos, additional instructional resources, and training:

  • Interviews include amazing first-person interviews with WWII veterans, Civil Rights activists, immigrants, 911 accounts, and more.
  • Project Time provides engaging videos that demonstrate simple science projects.
  • Field Trip provides virtual field trips in video format. 
  • K-2 Videos provide age-level appropriate content for grades K-2.
  • Resources include graphic organizers, primary source analysis tools, instructional strategy templates, and student artifacts.
Training offers guidance on onboarding, instructional modeling, training the trainer, and curriculum coaching.