Managing Publications for a Class

As you prepare Studies Weekly Online for use in your classroom, you will need to manage the publications your students can view and use. 

1. Log into your online teacher account

2. In the blue menu bar select the Classes tab 



3. Click on the appropriate class on the left (if you have more than one class)

4. Click on the Manage Publications tab above the green bar


  • Next to each publication listed is a Visible to Students button
  • To allow students in that class to view the publication for their grade level, click the toggle to change to green
  • To prevent students in that class from viewing a publication, make sure the toggle is in the red position

For those who have many publications on their account, you can mass turn off or on all publications.

  • Just below the green menu bar is the All Publications On | Off
  • Select it to turn off all publications
  • Manually click on the one publication you need for a specific class