Using Studies Weekly Videos

You and your students have access to over 100 videos through your Studies Weekly Online account to enhance your students' learning experience.

Social Studies Videos

You'll find thousands of primary source videos online that enhance the lesson material.

To find these videos:

  1. Click the search icon in the bottom left corner and type a subject or person's name into the search bar.Search_WWII.png
  2. The search will bring up a list of all materials on this subject. Look under Media to view all related videos.Media_search_SWO_3.0.png

You may also find related videos in the Explore More section under the article. (Note all articles have an explore more section.)


Primary Source Interviews

Access 50+ interviews of WWII and Vetenam veterans, Civil Rights Activtists, and other incredible people who share first-hand-accounts of historical events.

To find these videos:

  1. On the Account Dashboard, click Training and Resourcestraining_and_resources_section.png
  2. Select Interviews
  3. Click on the video of your choice.Screen_Shot_2022-06-17_at_4.39.56_PM.png

 Science Videos

Project Time Videos


Other Videos

These 60+ short, basic informational science videos cover a range of subjects such as tools, working together, ecosystems and gravity.

To find these videos:

  •  Look in the Explore More section at the bottom of the science article. 
    • NOTE: Not all article have an Explore More sectionExplore_More_Science_Videos.png
  • You can also find video links in your lesson plans located in your teacher edition.TE_link_to_sci_video.png
  • To search for videos by topic, click the search icon in the bottom left corner and type the topic into the search bar.

If you do not yet have an account, you may view a selection of our videos at: