Using the Publications Tab

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There are many features of your online account which you may not be aware of. This article focuses on those features found under the Publications tab. Log in to your online account and let's get started.

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. In the blue menu bar select the Publications Tab  


  3. Select the publication that you would like to view

Under Publications you and your students can:

Reorder weeks (Teacher Only)
  • Click and drag the toggle bar next to the week you would like to move
  • Release toggle bar once you have that week repositioned
  • Repeat steps until all weeks are in the order you prefer


Assign Weeks (Teacher Only)
    • Select your publication icon from the list available
    • Click the Off | On to turn off or on ALL weeks for reading
    • Select the toggle switch next to each week to turn only that week on or off


    • Green means the week WILL be visible to students (this is the default - all weeks visible)
    • Red means the week will NOT be visible to students


Activate Tests (Teacher Only)
    • Select your publication icon from the list available
    • Click the Off | On to turn off or on ALL weeks of the test (tests are set to off by default)
    • Select the toggle next to each week to turn only that week on or off


  • Red means the assessment will NOT be visible to students 
  • Switch to green to make that week BE visible to students
  • If that weeks Publication is red (turned off) the Activate Test button will be red, or automatically unavailable for students to view
  • If that weeks Publication is green (turned on) the Activate Test button will be either red or green, depending on whether you have turned that weekly test off or on 
View Student Edition
  • Click here to view the student copy for that week.
    • The student copy displays just like the physical newspaper, with the first page, then the middle two pages, then the back page.


View Teacher Edition/Lesson Plans


  • Lesson Plans are found in the Teacher Edition under each week
  • Lesson Plans may include:
    • Words to know and word wall words or BAV
    • Reading language arts prompts
    • Teacher-guided questions
    • Let's write
    • Best practices
    • Differentiated instruction
  • Click on the arrow next to the gear


  • Here you may Edit Test, view Test Scores, see Standards and assign Google Classroom - all for that weekly unit
Use Audio-Reader for articles and tests

Voice actors read the articles aloud to students, at the click of a button


  • Click on the week you need
  • Select an article
  • Click on the play button above the article
Use Highlighting/Note-taking tool
  • Click on the week you need
  • Select an article
  • Click and drag over chosen text
  • Highlight box appears


  • Choose a color for highlighting of selected text
    • Yellow, pink, green, blue, purple and orange
  • Choose the pencil icon to add notes
  • To turn OFF highlighting, click the highlighted section and click the X on the highlighting color


To view highlights/notes students have made, click on Article Reports in the top menu bar and select Highlights.


View Bonus Sources

There are thousands of primary source documents and videos we have put online to add to your subscription. 

  • Click on the week you need
  • Select an article
  • To the upper right of the article, you will see the purple Explore more


  • Click on the Explore More to find all videos, audio and pictures related to this article
Answer Article questions

At the bottom of each article, students will find 3 comprehension questions for the students to answer. They would simply scroll down after reading the article to find the questions related to that article.


View student answers (Teachers)

Student responses to article questions can be viewed on each weekly unit. Click on Article Reports in the top menu bar and select Article Questions.

  • Select the publication that you would like to view
  • Select the weekly unit
  • In the Menu bar click on Article Reports
  • Then choose Article Questions


The weekly report will automatically show you all students from all your classes. Use the filters on the left hand side to select a classroom to see the student list for that class.

  • Choose the student name from the list on the left-hand side and view their article question responses, by article, on the right-hand side.

The report shows:

  • the weekly issue title
  • the student's name
  • how many time they attempted to answer each question
  • if they got the question right
  • how many coins they earned for that question
  • how many coins they earned in total


Reset Article Questions (Teachers)

You would also have the ability to reset the article questions for students. Just click on Reset below the student's name.


Once the article question report is reset, you will not see the student’s answers to the questions, the coins they earned for that issue, or each individual question.

Explore More questions

For most of the bonus sources, you will find 3 comprehension questions for the students to answer. Simply scroll down after viewing to find the questions. Questions answered will award coins to the student.

You will also find the Primary Source Analysis Tool. This is intended to be used in the classroom, not filled in online.

View Teacher resources (Teacher Only)

There are teacher resources provided for every publication.

  • Select the week you are working on. This provides more Resources to you than if you were simply on the publication.
  • Scroll down past all weeks to the tabs found at the bottom
  •  You will find tabs for 


  • Many of these same resources may be found in the PD Training tab at the top of your screen


Play Games

There are two activities that students can access through their accounts. 

  • Crossword puzzle - the same one found in their physical publication
  • Mis-spilled game - takes the weekly vocabulary words and asks students to sort them by the correct and incorrect spelling
  • Games may be turned off under the Classes tab

To find these activities

  • Click on the week you are interested in then Scroll to the bottom of the article list on the left


Earn Coins

Most things that students do online will earn coins. Reading articles, answering questions, going through bonus sources, taking assessments, doing the crossword, etc.

For students to view and use the coins they have earned:

  • Click on the avatar icon in the upper right-hand corner


  • A drop-down menu will appear
  • Click on Explorers or the My Rev Rat
  • Both allow students to use the coins they have earned
  • Coins may be turned off under the Classes tab


Features to be aware of:

  • Tests auto-save so students can return to them later
  • Tests are self-grading, except for open response or fill-in-the-blank type questions. Those are given to teachers to grade.
  • Questions are customizable
  • You may print test scores, allow retakes, email testing link, etc


Activate test Edit Test

Remember, you as a teacher determine which tests your students may view

  • Click the button to change from red to green
  • When this is green, students will now be able to access this test in their own account



Test Scores/Statistics

To view how students did on the test, both individually and as a class click on these tabs:


  • Test scores - view or adjust individual students assessment scores
  • Test statistics - view how the class as a whole did on each assessment question