Using the Teacher Edition Online

The Teacher Edition is also available at Studies Weekly Online and includes answer keys, lesson plans, assessments, etc.

To find the full Teacher Edition online:

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. In the blue menu bar select the Publications tab  
  3. Select your publication icon from the list available
  4. You may also select the week you are working on. This provides more Resources to you than if you were simply on the publication.
  5. Scroll down past all weeks to the Resources For This Publication tab found at the bottom
  6. Find the quarter you are interested in viewing
  7. You may choose to View the file online or download it to your computer

    PLEASE NOTE: All password protected PDFs will be encrypted with your login email address as the password.

Teacher Edition/Lesson Plans


  • Lesson Plans are found in the Teacher Edition under each week
  • Lesson Plans may include:
    • Words to know and word wall words or BAV
    • Reading language arts prompts
    • Teacher-guided questions
    • Let's write
    • Best practices
    • Differentiated instruction
Answer Keys

Answers are mentioned after each assessment question or listed under an answer key.

Example 1:


Example 2: