Student Username Problems

There are several reasons why a username may be unavailable.

Auto-filled Information

When you click on the “Add Student” button you will see that there are 4 fields First Name, Last Name, User Name, and Password.  If the Username and Password fields are already filled in the browser has automatically filled in YOUR saved information into those fields. Simply DELETE your information and fill in the STUDENTS username and password in these fields.


Username Taken

Please keep in mind that Studies Weekly has students in all 50 states using the online. Usernames must be a unique identifier to your student so they do not access another students' account.  If the username has already been taken you will see the screen below with suggestions for possible usernames. You might try adding a number to the name, or using the student's school ID number.


Already Have Username and Password

If students have used Studies Weekly online in previous years and wish to continue using the same username and password, the student will need to be transferred from the previous class to the new class. 

If the student does not remember their previous username and password, you can get that from their previous teacher.

Transfer students

  1. Log in to your online account
      • Go to
      • Enter username (email address)
      • Enter password
      • Click Login
  2. In the blue menu bar select the Classes tab  
  3. Select or create the classroom you want the students added to
  4. Click on the gear icon in the green classroom title bar
  5. Select Transfer Students to this Class
  6. Enter students Username and Password
  7. Click Transfer Student
  8. Repeat for each student
  9. If either the username or passwords do not match then you must fix the problem in order to complete the process of transferring those students