June 2023 Updates

New Classroom Cards for Students

Students have streamlined classroom cards that contain quick access buttons to the publications assigned to each classroom, To Do, and Notes. 

Students may click a publication button within the card or choose to View All Publications

Students may click To Do to see assigned Customized Content from their teacher or click Notes to see their highlights or notes for their publications.


New Classroom Images

Teachers now have 16 images to select from to identify their Classrooms. Teachers may change their current image by visiting Classroom Settings.


Toggle Added to Enable Accessibility Access for Staff Roles

All users, except students, have a toggle below the save button in their Account Settings. This is where the user can DISABLE/ENABLE the Accessibility feature on their account. By default the toggle is disabled.

Creating Customized Content Feature

Teachers are limited to two concurrent Customized Content creations within one minute. This is an intentional feature. If there is an attempt to create more than two Customized Content assignments at a time, the user will get an error: