Hot Spot Question Types

Hot Spot questions require students to click a specific part or parts of an image to answer a question. The image could be anything with identifiable parts. Teachers may create their own Hot Spot Questions using our Customized Content feature, or edit your own copy of existing Studies Weekly Online Content to include Hot Spot questions.

The Customized Content feature can be accessed directly from the Table of Contents of a publication, the Customized Content tab, or the Search page. For detailed information on creating customized content from any of those locations please view the How to Create Customized Content article.

 Image Recommendation 

Teachers are encouraged to use images from Studies Weekly Online content for their Hot Spot questions. It is ideal to have the image chosen before you begin creating your question because the image web address is required to create it. To copy a Studies Weekly Online image web address, right click on the image and choose Copy image address:

After copying the web address, you will create customized content in the location of your choice. Then you will paste the web address of the image into the Image URL line of the question. Those instructions are below.

Once you have chosen where to create your customized Hot Spot questions follow these steps: 

    1. Enter a Title and Instructions.
    2. Select a Start Date and Due Date (the default due date is one week from the start date).
    3. Select a Publication.
    4. Select a Start Time and Due Time (the default start time is 12:00 AM and the default due time is 11:59 PM).                                                               
    5. Select Hot Spot from the list of question types.

Now it's time to create your questions. 

  • Type the Question: When typing the question for students, teachers can choose from several font and paragraph options. 
  • Paste the image web address: To paste the web address, either place the cursor in the Image URL line and press CRTL+V or right click on the Image URL line and choose Paste. If you have not copied an image web address, see the tab above notated Image Recommendation.
  • Add hot spots: When you are ready to add hot spots, click the image. 
    • After the hot spot has been placed, it can be adjusted by using your cursor or the arrows in the axis boxes. Teachers can name the hot spots or chose to leave them Empty.


    • To add additional hot spots, click the image again. 
    • To remove hot spots click the red X on the right side of the Clue box.

  • Add Clues: If you would like to add clues for your students, type the clue in the top box of each hot spot. Hot spot boxes may also be left empty with the toggle shown below. If more than one hot spot has been added, the correct answer(s) will need to be toggled.

  • When you are finished adding questions click CREATE in the bottom right corner to save the question. It will now be available for students. 

    Depending on where you created the customized content, you may need to choose a location for the customized content. If the option appears follow the steps and click SAVE

If you would like to add additional images to the same customized content, you may edit the existing assignment by clicking the three dots menu or you can have two web tabs open to copy and paste additional images.