May 2023 Updates

Labeling Question Type Updated in Customized Content

When teachers create or view a Labeling Question, the labels are now identified with numbers. This allows teachers to precisely identify each labeled location on an image. To add additional labels, click the exact location on the image where you would like the number to go. Click the red X next to labels to remove them.

Teachers may view student responses to Labeling Questions in the Grade tab of Customized Content.

When students encounter a labeling question, they will see the answer options to the right of the question’s image. They will drag and drop the answers to the defined location for each label.


Thumbnail View of Resources

Additional resources were previously shown as a list of links within the Teacher Edition. They are now shown as thumbnail images across Studies Weekly Online.


Live Chat in Resource Center

Teachers can now live chat with a support agent from within their Studies Weekly Online user account. 

From any page inside the account, click the Resource Center button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access the Live Chat. Type your message and click Start Chat.


The live chat feature is also still available in the bottom right corner of the Studies Weekly Help Center.


District Admin Usage Report

A usage report is now available for users with a District Admin credential. It will show usage data for each school in the district including the number of teachers and students who have logged in during each month and year.


New Default Landing Page for Teachers 

When a teacher logs into Studies Weekly, they are now taken directly to the Classes page.

To learn more visit the How To Navigate the Classes page. 


Dropdown Box Added to Minimize Clicks in the Table of Contents

When teachers and students are navigating the Table of Contents, they can use a dropdown box in the upper right corner to move quickly between weeks of content. 

To learn more visit the How to Navigate the Table of Contents article.


Filter Added in Grade: Quick Grade

To increase efficiency, the default view is Needs to be Graded. This can be changed using the available filter. Teachers may also choose to Allow Retake while viewing a student submission, which allows the student to resubmit their work.


Retake Assessment Button for Students on Table of Contents

When a teacher allows a student to retake a Weekly Assessment, the student's previous score will remain visible to the student and the button will appear as Retake Assessment.

To learn more visit the How to Navigate the Table of Contents article.Picture1.png


New Return to Reading Button in Study Buddies

When students are ready to return to reading, they can click the button in the upper right corner.

They are then prompted to click NO or YES:


Ability for Teachers and Students to View Multiple Retakes of Customized Content

When a teacher has allowed a student to retake customized content, students will now see it and their previous submissions in their To Do tab.

After a student clicks the RETAKE button, the previous submission(s) will appear for that Customized Content. Students will be able to click on a previous submission to view how they responded previously, or click the green RETAKE button to start a new attempt:

If a student views a submission, a BACK TO SUBMISSIONS button now appears for them to return to the previous screen.

Teachers may view student retakes in the Customized Content: Grade tab or the Gradebook.

To learn more about viewing student work visit the How to Navigate the Grade Section or How to Navigate the Customized Content Page.


Teacher Notification when Student Completes Content that Requires Grading

Teachers receive a notification in the upper right corner when a student has completed content that requires grading. 

To view the submission(s), click the Bell and the Notifications Box will open.

  1. Teachers can click MARK ALL AS READ for the notifications to go back to 0.
  2. Click an envelope to mark the individual item as read. 
  3. Get quick access to a submission and see how many students have submitted for each customized content in parentheses. 
  4. Click CLOSE or the X to exit the Notifications Box.

After a teacher clicks the title of a submission, Quick Grade will open and all ungraded student submissions will be visible.