April 2023 Updates

New Snapshot Report

A new Snapshot Report was added for ease of access to student's statistics on questions and highlights within articles. 

Statistics and Highlights can still be found in their original location at the Article level of the Table of Contents.

For more detailed information about this new report, visit the How to Navigate the Snapshot Report article. 


Reports now in ONE location

The Classroom Report, Weekly Progress Report, Weekly Assessment Report, Customized Content Report, and Snapshot Report can now all be found together within the Reports tab. When Reports is opened the gray navigation bar is minimized for optimal viewing:

To learn more, visit the How to Navigate the Reports Page article.


Gradebook Refinement 

Rostered students now show vertically along the left of the Gradebook. The assignments for the week will appear in the row above. For better visibility, the scores and number attempts are now in bold font.

For more detailed information, visit How to Navigate the Grade Section


Unit Assessments in the Table of Contents

For publications that have Unit Assessments, users now see them at the end of a unit.


Unit Numbers Identified in the Table of Contents


Updated Colors on all Grade Pages
  • Correct

  • Partially Correct:

  • Incorrect:

  • Needs to be graded


Article/Activity Navigation Panel Update for Teachers and Students

The navigation panel in the Table of Contents for teachers and students now include the label of the item type and the Article/Activity number above the name of the item. Assessments, Crosswords, Misspelled, Extended Reading, and Customized Content are also identified but not numbered.



Student Ability to Review Multiple Attempts

If a teacher has allowed a student to retake an assessment and the student has completed it, the student is now able to review each attempt.

If the student has not attempted the additional retake the view for a student will be to TAKE ASSESSMENT:

If a student has retaken the assessment they will see the most recent assessment score. To see the score of previous attempts, click the Assessment in the Table of Contents.

To review each assessment, the student will click a submission.


Customized Content Location for Teacher and Student View

Teachers now have the ability to choose where they want customized content to go. After a teacher has created the content and clicks the green Create button, a pop-up box appears allowing them to select where they want the customized content to go.

In the pop-up box, a classroom must be selected first. Then you can either click the box to have the customized content appear ONLY in the To Do tab for students, or chose to have it appear in a specific week of a publication.

For detailed information on creating your own content or editing existing content, visit the How to Create Customized Content article.