February 2023 Updates

Article and Explore More Comprehension Question Pop-ups
Students will receive the following updated messaging when they answer incorrectly
  • Keep Trying!
  • Stick to the task until the task sticks to you.
  • I’ll get better if I keep trying. 
  • I can figure this out.
  • I am a strong person. I can try again. 
  • I will be brave.

After an activity attempt, students see a message letting them know how many points they can still earn. The messaging has been updated from “Now worth X coins!” to “ You can still earn X coins!”


School Admin Role NOW AVAILABLE 

A new user profile called the School Admin is available. School Admins will be able to see all the classrooms, teachers, and students enrolled in their building.

To learn more visit the How To Navigate the School Admin Role article.


Revert to Original Button Added

If a teacher clicks REVERT TO ORIGINAL in the Table of Contents they will have the following options:

  • Click YES to remove customized content and revert items in the publication to the original order.
  • Click NO to move customized content to the end of week/unit and revert the publication to the original order.

To learn more visit the How To Navigate the Table of Contents article.


Return to Reading button inside Study Buddies

A “Return to Reading” button was added to Study Buddies. This enables students to exit Study Buddies and return to reading their assigned publications.


Dialog Notification for Idle Screen

When a users' session is set to expire, a pop-up will appear asking, “Are you Still there?” If the Continue button is not selected, users will be logged out after 5 minutes. (Session times are 8 hours for all users.)

Progress is automatically saved and the user is taken to a logout page that indicates that your session has expired. Users may log in again at anytime. 

To learn more visit the User Session Timeout article.

Alternate Language Button Added to Videos available in multiple languages

For videos available in both English and Spanish, we added a dropdown box for access to both versions of the video. 


Order Publication and Start a 60 Day Trial for Current Customers

Current Studies Weekly Online customers with an active classroom now have the ability to Order Publications or Start a 60 Day Trial. If Start 60 day Trial is selected, publications will be added to the account with Trial Access for 60 days. 

If Order Publications is selected, a pop-up will appear allowing users to shop products online or call Studies Weekly Online.

LMS Deep Links can now add more than one link at at time
  • Teachers can see the count of selected deep links in a badge in the banner at the top of the screen that alerts the user they are in Deep Links selection mode.
  • Teachers can add a “Submit Selected Links to LMS” button in the banner at the top of the screen for the user to click on after having selected all of the desired deep links.

To see step-by-step instructions visit the How to Use LMS Deep Linking article.


Vocabulary Definitions can be Disabled

Teachers now have the ability to toggle vocabulary definitions on/off within the Classroom Settings.

To learn how to access Classroom Settings, visit the How to Edit, Archive, and Recover Classrooms article.


Create Customized Content from the Search Page

Teachers now have the ability to search for content and then create customized content from the search page. After clicking on the content found in the search, it will open in the Table of Contents where teachers can click + Add Customized Content.

For complete instructions, visit the How to Create Customized Content article.


Quick Access Classroom Menu now includes feature to import students directly from Google Classroom

Teachers now have quick access to import their students from Google Classroom.

To learn more visit the How to Use Google Classroom with Studies Weekly article. 


Word Bank Added to Crossword and Increased Crossword Size

Now when students encounter a Crossword, they will see a Word Bank to support them during the activity. 

Students are also prompted to SAVE their work, if they need to finish later. The print feature was also updated to ensure that when printed, the Crossword would appear on the same page as the Word Bank.

To learn more, view the How to Navigate Crossword and Misspilled Vocabulary Reviews article.


Extended Reading Articles Labeled in the Table of Contents

Extended Reading articles will now be labeled as such and appear with a gray background in the Table of Contents. They will also have a turquoise “Online Only”  label.

To learn more, view the Extended Reading Articles article.


Updated Incomplete Question Workflow for Students

Students are now required to answer all questions before submitting their assessment questions. 

After clicking Back to Questions, unanswered questions will have a red star and say Response is Required.


Update Scores Button color to indicate to a teacher they need to click it

Some student responses need to be graded by the teacher. Those items will now be identified as NEEDS TO BE GRADED in orange. These items can be found in the Grade tab.

When a teacher clicks either INCORRECT, PARTIALLY CORRECT, or CORRECT, the text on the MARK AS GRADED button changes to UPDATE SCORES. This indicates to the teacher that they need to click the button for their changes to be saved.


Addition of Hot Spot Question Type

Hot Spot questions require students to click a specific part or parts of an image to answer the question.

  • For students, when an answer is selected, the portion of the image they clicked will be grayed out, so the student can see which item has been selected. In this example the student has selected the Bald Eagle:

  • When printing, the outlines for the hot spots will be visible just as they are on screen.
  • Hot Spot Questions are also available in Customized Content for teachers to create their own hot spot questions.