January 2023 Updates

Color Update to Student Progress Icons in Customized Content Tab

Teachers will now see an orange button for Ungraded, a green button for Graded, and a red button for Not Turned In. These colors will align with the Grade tab after teachers click on a customized content item. Additionally in the Grade tab the All Students icon has been updated to turquoise.

To learn more visit the How to Use the Customized Content Report article.

Alphabetize Student Names

Anywhere a student list is displayed, the names are automatically sorted alphabetically by last name and then first name. Some reports allow teachers to reorganize the student list.

Add Previously Created Content Button to Customized Content Tab

In the Customized Content tab and also in a Publication, teachers now have the ability to Add Previously Created Customized Content from other classrooms to their current classroom. Teachers must be assigned to a classroom to be able to add Customized Content from it.

To learn more visit the How to Add Previously Created Content article.

Activity Question Responses Added to Comprehension Progress Graph

The number of responses to Activity Questions will appear as a purple line in the graph if there are activities within the selected publication. If a week does not have any activities, a purple line will not appear. 

To learn more visit the How to Use the Classroom Report article.

Bulk Move Students from one Classroom to Another

Now teachers can select a box or multiple boxes next to student names to move students individually or in bulk without having to enter student credentials.

To learn more visit the How to move Students article.


Show Dropped Students
Teachers can now see the students they have dropped from their classes in the DROPPED STUDENTS tab. Teachers may also recover dropped students' accounts. 

To learn more visit the How to Drop Students article.

Updated order of Student Progress Icons

Across all reports the student progress icons (colored icons indicating whether a student’s work has been graded) will now be in the same order: Not Turned in, Ungraded, Graded.

Labeling Question Improvements

Drag and drop answers now have boxes around them for improved visibility.


Disclaimer When Adding Publications

Users will now see a pop-up disclaimer when they add a publication that may have a new version available. Users are required to click “I Understand” before the publication will be accessible. The publication will be grayed out until the disclaimer is accepted. 

After the green Disclaimer button is clicked, the disclaimer will pop-up and the user will click I understand and Submit.  

Then the View button will turn blue and the Disclaimer will remain visible for reference. 

Name and Date Header Added for Printing Student Assignments (Weekly Assessments, Articles, Activities, Crosswords, and Customized Content)

Update to Student Progress Bar Calculations

When all visible and required items have been completed, the Progress Bar will read 100%.

Classroom Default Start and End Dates Updated

Default start and end dates for classroom settings will now coincide with the school year and not the calendar year. For example, if a classroom is created in January 2024, the default start date will be August 1, 2023 and end on June 30, 2024. This happens because  January 2024 takes place within the 2023-2024 school year.

Added Hyperlink to the Weekly Issues in the Standard Correlation Report

When viewing the Standards Correlation Report (inside the Teacher Edition), users can now navigate to a specific week of content by clicking the link in the Weekly Issues column. Clicking the link will open a new browser tab so you will not lose your place on the Standards Correlation Report.

If the publication belongs to multiple classrooms, the user will need to select a Classroom to view the publication.