New Online Features - 2021

New Features Found in this Article:

  • Custom Assignments
  • Science Interactive Simulations
  • Inquiry Lessons
  • Spanish Online
  • Article Questions - Teacher Reports
  • Exporting Test Scores

Custom Assignments

This new features is perfect for teachers who would like to input grades for assignments done outside of SWonline. For example, you may assign students to complete an Instructional Strategy found under our PD tab, like the Secret Lives of Objects analysis tool. Once that assignment has been completed and turned in, you would need a place to input the grade. Here is a features to enable you to do that.

  • Log in to your online account
  • In the blue menu bar click on the Classes tab


  1. Select your class on the left
  2. Above the green menu bar with your class name, click on the Reports/Tasks tab
  3. Select the correct publication from the drop down menu
  4. Choose the blue Performance Tasks tab
  5. Then click on the green Create Performance Task


  • You may name the Performance Task
    • Ex: Secret Lives Analysis
  • You then input the grade for each student



Science Interactive Simulations for Students

Our all new science publications have many great features. One of those can only be found online. These are added where available, so be watching for them.

  • In the Publications tab, select a science publication and week.
  • Look at the menu options on the left side of the week
  • If there is a simulation listed, click on that choice


  • Perform the desired action
  • Reset and repeat


Inquiry Lessons

Online access to lessons that introduce students to the concept of Inquiry Learning. The Inquiry Skills section teaches students to think like an inquirer and/or think like a historian. The Content Connections section teaches students to think critically about content using an inquiry framework, to create an authentic inquiry experience.

  • Log in to your online account
  • In the blue menu bar click on the arrow next to the Extras Tab
  • Select Inquiry from the drop-down menu 


  • You can expand the Unit 1: Inquiry Skills and Unit 2: Content Connections to see more lessons


  • Select your lesson
  • This supplementary inquiry product contains primary and intermediate content. Primary weeks are indicated with a (P) and intermediate weeks are indicated with an (I).


  • These lessons have the same online features you have come to expect from Studies Weekly Online content:
      • Articles on the left
      • Reading on the right
      • Crossword puzzles, after-article questions, lesson plans, worksheets, graphic organizers, and videos (where applicable)


Spanish Online

In an ongoing effort to get more Spanish materials available online, Studies Weekly has added Spanish translations to our Instructional Strategies section online.

  • Log in to your online account
  •  In the blue menu bar select the PD Training Tab


  • Click on Instructional Strategies
  • Where Spanish is available, you will see both Eng and SPN listed beneath the PDF/Video/Document
  • Click on SPN to open/download the translated version



Article Questions - Teacher Reports

Student responses to article questions can now be viewed on each weekly unit.

  • Log in to your online account
  • In the blue menu bar select the Publications


  • Select the publication that you would like to view
  • Select the weekly unit you would like to view

Click on Article Reports in the top menu bar and select Article Questions.

  • Select the publication that you would like to view
  • Select the weekly unit
  • In the light blue menu bar click on Article Reports
  • Then choose Article Questions


The weekly report will automatically show you all students from all your classes. Use the filters on the left hand side to select a classroom to see the student list for that class.


  • Choose the student name from the list on the left-hand side and view their article question responses, by article, on the right-hand side.

The report shows:

  • the weekly issue title
  • the student's name
  • how many time they attempted to answer each question
  • if they got the question right
  • how many coins they earned for that question
  • how many coins they earned in total



Exporting Test Scores

  • Log in to your online account
    • Go to
    • Enter username (email address)
    • Enter password
    • Click Login
  • In the blue menu bar select the Publications tab


  • Select the publication that you would like to view
  • Next to the weekly unit, click the gear icon
  • Select Test Scores


  • When you are in the Test Scores tab, under Bulk Actions click on Export to CSV. This will download a CSV file of all test scores for that week.


Once the CSV file downloads to your computer, open it using a word processor or spreadsheet software program.