How to Use LMS Deep Linking

Studies Weekly Online content can be embedded in both Canvas and Schoology LMSs using deep linking. Deep linking uses a hyperlink to connect the user directly to a piece of web content, like a specific Studies Weekly article.

From their LMS, teachers should click a link that starts the Deeplink Selection Mode. This sends an LTI message that informs Studies Weekly that teachers are entering our site with the intent of choosing an article or other learning material to embed in the LMS classroom as a deep link.

Example: Enter Deeplink Selection Mode from Canvas
To enter Deeplink Selection Mode from Canvas, follow these steps:
  1. From your course, click the Assignment tab.
  2. Select Add Assignment.
  3. Under Submission Type, select External Tool.
  4. Under Enter or find an External Tool URL, click Find.Screenshot_2023-01-17_at_08.50.34.png
  5. Search for Studies Weekly, and select Studies Weekly LTI 1.3/Advantage.Screenshot_2023-01-17_at_08.50.48.png


These steps may look different in other LMSs.

From there, Studies Weekly Online should launch. Adjust the window size to ensure visibility, then navigate to the content you want to share. All content, including Customized Content, Explore More Media, and Search results, can be shared with deep linking. Teachers will NOT be able to see the Teacher Edition and Printables when they are in the Deeplink Selection mode.

On the desired content page, select Click to Share Deeplink.