How to Create an Online Account

If your district is interested in having Studies Weekly create and maintain your teacher and student accounts for you, please click here to read more information on Rostering.

  1. To create your account, go to:
  2. Click Register
  3. Select the Teachers tab



  4. Fill in your name, state, school etc.


    • When you choose your State, it will then ask you to choose your district. When you choose your district, it will then ask you to choose your school.
      *Note: If you are Homeschooling, please select "Homeschool" as your District.
      If you are a Charter School, please select "Independent and Private Schools" as your District.
    • Your email address will become your username
    • Password may be anything of your choosing. No special characters are required.

    Click the submit button. You will be sent a confirmation email. Click on the link in your email and you will be logged in to your online account.

    If you do not receive the confirmation email, and have checked in your Spam folder, please contact customer service 866-311-8734.