How does Studies Weekly select terms to describe race or ethnicity?

One of the most significant challenges that we face is to write publications that use inclusive terminology. We strive to use language that is acceptable to all races, nationalities, ethnicities, and diverse groups.

We take this responsibility seriously because teachers and students across the country use our publications. To ensure inclusive and respectful terminology, we refer to reliable sources for guidance.

We follow the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook guidelines. The AP Stylebook is considered the industry standard and leading reference for public communications. We have also assembled a Diversity Board to review content for cultural sensitivity. They also assist with using proper word choice in our publications.

Using the right terminology can be a challenge. We are diligent in adjusting to the appropriate language as cultural identification evolves. Studies Weekly respects all individuals and seeks to recognize each heritage appropriately. We welcome your partnership in using proper terminology as we strive to improve our publications, old and new.