Assign publications to class

How can I make it so my students only see the publications for our grade level?

Studies Weekly online gives teachers access to all publications purchased for your school. To avoid confusion with students, you can make it so students only see the publications for their grade level. The publications are assigned to each classroom.

To learn how to create an online account, click here.

To learn how to create a class, click here.

To assign the publications to your class:

  • Log in to your online account
    • Go to
    • Enter username (email address)
    • Enter password
    • Click Login
  • In the blue menu bar select the Classes tab
  • Click on the appropriate class on the left (if you have more than one class)
  • Click on the Manage Publications tab
  • Next to each publication listed is a Visible to Students button
  • To allow students in that class to view the publication for their grade level, click the toggle to change to green
  • To prevent students in that class from viewing a publication, make sure the toggle is in the red position
  • These steps only need to be done once, but must be completed for each publication in each class